Geoff Wyld songs echo the rugged nature of the Dutch south Limburg hills. With the breathtaking peacefulness of a group of blossoming cherry trees in the sun. Over which dark clouds suddenly seem to appear out of nothing, with a stormy wind raging out and bending the trees. Indie psychedelia scooped up by catchy guitar melodies, languid pumping bass lines and heavy beats are broken up beautifully.

With quite a few shows and a number of excellent single releases under their belt, Geoff Wyld already managed to draw a lot of attention outside their South Limburg home. With airplay at Dutch radio station 3FM and an election to Annemieke's A-List at Radio NPO2. Playlists such as Spotify New Alternative, Independent Music News (UK), Apple Music New Music Daily and The A-List Indie.

Geoff Wyld's story starts a good decade ago when a high school student has gathered all his courage and rings the doorbell of his intended sweetheart with a bunch of flowers in hand. It is not the beauty who opens the door, but her younger brother. This chance encounter results in a friendship that has lasted ever since and is only strengthened when they start to make music together. Singer/bass player Leroy Huis and guitarist/singer Patrick Claessens not only bond over their love of music. Both young men are avid nature lovers and enjoy letting their thoughts just flow on long strolls through the south Limburg hills.

A few months prior to the COVID-19 lockdown the band started to work as artists in residence at the De Muziekgieterij music venue in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Now with energetic new drummer Teun Wolfs joining the ranks, the trio made the live venue their home for almost a year. Rehearsing, writing, arranging, perfecting and finally recording 5 tracks in the venue’s in-house studio.

The 5 tracks will be released as an EP called Daydreamer, named after the friendship tattoo the two songwriters Leroy and Patrick had done together. The Daydreamer EP will be released digitally and on vinyl in late summer 2021, via M-PX, the label of the Muziekgieterij production company. Preceded by the single Made Men, out on April 30th.